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The Greenwich Spanish School offers the traditional pre-K academic curriculum of pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-math programs to children 3-5 years of age taught solely in Spanish. English language skills will also be emphasized so children will start learning to read and write in their native language.

Promotional testing will be conducted in English so children will develop the skills to continue their education in an English environment.

The goal of The Greenwich Spanish School is to start children on the path to being bilingual at the optimal age. In addition to the advantage of fluency in another language, studies show that bilingual children have greater cognitive and integrative skills and often increased scientific and mathematical abilities.

GSS has begun with preschool children 3 to 5 years of age and will expand its educational programs in successive years to higher levels. GSS will also offer Spanish Enrichment programs, Tuesday-Thursday & Saturday Programs for children in Kindergarten through grade 3 and Summer programs.

The  Greenwich Spanish School receives academic support from the Ministry of Education of Spain and the Instituto Cervantes.

The Greenwich Spanish School offers your children a superior pre-K educational program and the advantage of fluency in another language.

giving  your children an edge -

superior pre-K and K education

and fluency in a second language
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