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Greenwich Time
(April 2010)
Going Global in Greenwich
2014-2015 Review
Our academic program has been a great success and we have more than quadrupoled the number of students enrolled in our academic program.
We had two very successful events this past year to raise funds for our scholarships in our Afters programs including the Annual Benefit Dinner in March at the Hyatt was also fun and successful.
Our science class raised beautiful butterflies, an ant farm and 14 sunflowers and we started our vegetable patch that was harvested in the fall by our 2012-2013 class.
The Saturday program is new and enrollment exceeded expectations. We are adding similar Tuesday-Thursday programs this year for children in Kindergarten through grade 3. Please remember to reserve space ahead of time next year.
Fairfield County Look
(May 2012)
The Greenwich
Spanish School
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